Terms of Service

§ 1: Uploads
It is strictly forbidden to upload and/or spread: trojans/viruses, explicit child material, and any/all fraudulent or illegal content via Anon.city; Anon.city will take absolutely no responsibility for illegal and/or unethical usage of our service(s); The user remains solely responsible for all data uploaded under their control. Furthermore, the staff of Anon.city are provided full immunity from all legal action held against anything uploaded to our website (Anon.city). § 2: Downloads
Anon.city will take no responsibility for any of the content a user downloads from our website (Anon.city), for the user is undoubtedly responsibile for his or her actions and downloads. Under no circumstance do we collect information about a user downloading content. The only function performed is a numerical counter that is increased by 1 every click. § 3: Availability
Anon.city can not guarantee full availability of the service, however, we do our best to keep the service as stable as possible. Anon.city will deny all responsibility for any personal loss which includes but is not limited to: data loss, missing files, lost revenue, downtime, etc... § 4: Removal
Anon.city has the right to remove and/or permanently ban file content that we find to be malicious, inappropriate, not storage efficient, and/or spam. Anon.city will do the utmost best to keep the system clean of any content deemed breaking Section 1: Uploads of the TOS. § 5: Changes
We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time without notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this User Agreement periodically to familiarize yourself with any modification(s). Your continued use of this site before or after such modification(s) will constitute acknowledgment and agreement of these User Agreements. § 6: Report Abuse
Any/All content breaking our TOS should be reported to: [email protected]. When reporting a file, please state the link & the reason you are reporting it. All reports will be taken very seriously; if the content is found to be breaking our TOS, then we'll handle it appropriately.